A New Series

Okay. It’s almost New Year’s resolution time.

I’ve had a series of posts running through my head for the last year or two and haven’t buckled down and started on it.

It. Is. Time.

I’ll be writing on life in the software development field, but not on technology per se. I’ll be focusing on the “life” part. Surviving a challenging project. Getting along with your teammates, but still getting the things you need to be successful. The evolution of the Software Development Methodology. That sort of stuff.

I’ve been developing software for over 25 years, so I know a bit about that. I’ve been on teams large and small for that entire time, and have led them for the last 15 or so. I’ve learned a bit from life in the trenches. It’s time to share some of the good stuff.

First up: The Art of Managing Expectations. Stay tuned…